What are Diagnostic Ultrasounds?

Diagnostic ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce images within your body. It can visualize soft tissue structures, such as muscle, tendon, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves as well as skeletal structures such as bone. 

Diagnostic ultrasound can be performed while the patient moves the foot, ankle, or toes to identify tears or ruptures.  These images are produced in real-time in the exam room and cause no pain and do not produce radiation. Diagnostic ultrasound is a fast, safe and effective tool in identifying problems that traditional x-rays may miss. 

How do they help?

Diagnostic ultrasounds can identify injuries that x-ray may have missed, such as ligament injuries, plantar plate tears, inflamed bursitis, tendinitis or even stress fractures and neuromas. 

Diagnostic ultrasound can help guide the physician to precisely target specific anatomic structures during a steroid injection to help improve the effectiveness of the injection.

Are they right for me?

Ultrasounds provide many benefits and could be right for different situations such as:

  • If you want precise injections, ultrasounds can deliver precise, targeted results. 

  • If you have an injury or suspect a ligament tear, we can quickly and accurately diagnose your condition. 

  • If you have a suspicious bump or growth we can see it on ultrasound. 

  • If you have swelling we can visualize and inject the bursa or inflamed structure with potent anti-inflammatories. 


"I had terrible achilles [tendinitis] pain for over a year and had tried everything. After three shockwave treatments my pain has improved and I can walk without pain"

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