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Deep Tissue Infrared Therapy


Deep Tissue Infrared Therapy uses a unique frequency of light waves that penetrate deep tissue and stimulate cellular mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. 

This interaction increases cellular metabolism, which can decrease pain and accelerate healing. 

Does it work and is it safe? 

Infrared Therapy has been FDA-cleared to reduce pain, improve healing, and even relieve the burning sensation of diabetic neuropathy.


Studies have shown: 

  • Up to 90% of patients experience significant pain reduction

  • Some pain relief occurs after one treatment

  • Additional pain relief can be expected with further treatments - particularly in patients with chronic, diminished blood flow.

What are the benefits of Infrared?

  • Rapid pain relief without medication

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free

  • Reduce inflammation and pain

  • Accelerate healing and mobility

  • Improve blood circulation

What Should I Feel During Infrared Therapy?

  • Patients feel a soothing warmth at the affected site, as increased blood flow is drawn to the site. 

  • There are no reported adverse side effects

  • A few patients experience tingling or slight pain at first, which is a sign of improved blood flow. 

  • Skin under the infrared pads may become pink after treatment - a sign of increased circulation. 

Combine Infrared + Shockwave Therapy

Patients with chronic pain, specifically heel pain, often need an aggressive treatment plan to address stubborn pain. For these difficult cases we recommend combining Shockwave & Deep Tissue Infrared Therapy. 

  • Shockwave Therapy delivers repeated mechanical pulses that help to jumpstart healing by recruiting regenerative propers in the body. 

  • Infrared Therapy utilizes wavelength thermal pads to specifically increase blood flow and promote healing. 

Together, these treatments can quickly heal difficult, stubborn pain

Infrared Therapy at Instride Capital Foot and Ankle Centers. Dr. Eldon Peters, Raleigh Podiatrist.
Infrared Therapy at Instride Capital Foot and Ankle Centers. Dr. Eldon Peters, Raleigh Podiatrist.

Targeted Treatments

Achilles Tendinitis

Ankle Pain


Athletic Injuries

Bone Spurs

Heel Pain

Joint Pain

Morton's Neuroma

Plantar Fasciitis




How Much Does Infrared Therapy Cost?

We offer a six (6) treatment package for $300 for all six treatments. You will need to be evaluated by the physician before deciding if Deep Tissue Infrared Therapy is right for you. 

Infrared could be right for you if you are suffering from chronic arthritic pain, neuropathy, inadequate blood circulation, stiffness, or have a slow-healing open wound

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