COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

The health and safety of our patients, our families, and our medical staff is the highest priority.


Our clinical team continues to treat patients in our office and via Telehealth. 


To ensure everyone's health and safety, we have adopted these strict safety measures. 

Minimal Contact During Your Visit

  • No waiting room chairs

  • Minimal contact surfaces 

  • All pens are new and clean

  • Used pens are discarded

Reduced Patient Flow

  • Three patients per hour in the office

  • Only one staff member in office per day.

  • Work-From-Home telephone Service

  • ​We now offer TELEHEALTH visits

Surface Disinfection Control

  • 91% alcohol spray of all devices, phones, computers, etc

  • Hospital grade disinfection of all contact surfaces

  • Clean all exam chairs, tables, stands, surfaces, switches, handles, knobs, buttons after each patient

99.97% Droplet Air Purification 

  • High efficiency particulate air purification system in each room

  • Captures 99.97% of droplets 0.3 micron diameter

    • (Droplets with coronavirus are 1 micron in diameter)

  • Entire exam room air is cycled and purified every 5 minutes

Personal Protective Equipment PPE

  • Facemasks worn by staff & patients at all interactions

  • Hands cleansed prior to contact and exam

  • Gloves worn for all patient contact and exams

  • Eye shields worn for procedures

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