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Skin Conditions

Common Skin Conditions

The skin of the foot is unlike most skin anywhere on the body - it is almost always wrapped in multiple layers of clothing (socks and shoes), it endures significant friction forces while walking, and must respond to 3x body weight when running. ​

Common conditions include athlete's foot fungal infection, corns, calluses, and fungal infection of nails. ​

We also diagnose and treat rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, ulcers, suspicious moles, and pigmented nail disorders.

How we can help!​


The unique nature and characteristics of the skin of the foot and ankle require an expert evaluation. A comprehensive understanding of the complex anatomy of the foot is critical when obtaining a tissue biopsy for the diagnosis of suspicious conditions. ​

We specialize in difficult biopsies beneath toenails, atop the foot with prominent neurovascular structures, as well as the weight-bearing surface at the bottom of the foot.

​Early diagnosis is vital for effective treatment, especially with suspected malignancy.


Please do not wait if you are concerned with a skin condition. Call our scheduling team to get the help you need.


Do You Have Foot Pain? 
Our Specialist Can Help.

Don't let foot pain keep you from living your best life. Our team is ready to help.​
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