Ingrown Nail


What are Ingrown Nails?

Ingrown nails occur when the skin surrounding a nail becomes damaged and can become infected.


This damage can occur from a curved nail growing into the skin, tight fitting shoes, poorly trimmed nails, and overly aggressive scraping or cleaning of the nail.


Ingrown nails more commonly affect the great toe however lesser toes can also become ingrown. 

What are symptoms?

Symptoms include pain, redness, warmth, pus, drainage, and bleeding around one or both of the edges of the nail. 


Patients with risk factors including advanced age, diabetes, smoking, poor healing, and poor blood flow should seek care as soon as possible to avoid serious complications. 

How we can help

Ingrown nails can be treated in our office with a quick, effective  procedure. The toe is numbed and the edge of the nail is carefully removed. Patient can wear a bandaid and almost immediately return to fully activity with minimal pain or discomfort. 

We can also permanently remove an edge of a nail, particularly a curved nail, so that the painful part of the nail never grows back. This procedure can also be performed on thickened, painful nails with a quick, easy recovery. 

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