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Balance Issues

Causes of Balance Issues

Poor balance can result from a multitude of sources - inner ear disorders, cardiovascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, poor muscle tone, nerve damage, drop foot, old ankle injuries, arthritis, just to name a few. ​

A comprehensive evaluation is critical to determining your cause of balance issues. Early management is key to long term success.

What are the symptoms?

Balance problems can make you feel unsteady, unsure of footing, and you may have difficulty standing from a seated position. A history of falling is the strongest indicator for risk of future falls!

How we can help!​


Our board-certified specialist is uniquely trained to treat balance issues related to the foot and ankle. Most patients find relief without surgery through custom orthotics, balance bracing, and rehabilitative therapy.


Suggested Treatments


Do You Have Foot Pain? 
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Don't let foot pain keep you from living your best life. Our team is ready to help.​
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