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Sports Medicine

Common Athletic Conditions

Athletes, both weekend warriors and elite enthusiasts, present with a unique set of conditions, ranging from tendinitis, ligaments sprains, and strains to stress fractures and repetitive joint damage.

Elite athletes demand high performance of foot and ankle biomechanics with intense training regimens and can not afford down time to heal an injury. Weekend warriors can often be pulled in multiple directions and need to be able to perform when the time arises. ​

Pain or fatigue that lasts more than several days should be evaluated and treated so that you can avoid long term setbacks.

How we can help!​


The foot and ankle provide a foundation for everything we do, and without the optimal performance of foot mechanics, one can be susceptible to injury and fatigue.


Our foot specialist has helped countless athletes improve their performance, heal injuries and get back on the field safely and quickly. ​

By accurately diagnosing the condition and assessing the mechanical nature of the problem, our specialist can create a customized treatment plan to meet your needs.


From custom orthotics, taping and strapping, to rehabilitative therapy and even surgery, we serve our North Carolina athletes.


Suggested Treatments


Do You Have Foot Pain? 
Our Specialist Can Help.

Don't let foot pain keep you from living your best life. Our team is ready to help.​
If you experience any of these conditions, call 919-829-0076 to get the help you need.

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