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Advanced Wound Care


Thank you for choosing InStride Capital Foot & Ankle Centers. 


Learn more about how this exciting treatment can quickly heal your wounds. 

Advanced Lower Extremity Wound Care

Ulcers need prompt care, infection control, and regenerative healing.  If left untreated, wounds can lead to infection and ultimately limb loss. ​

InStride Capital Foot & Ankle Centers' trained staff specialize in treating wounds of the lower extremity that result from diabetes, venous insufficiency, or any wounds of the foot and ankle.


Our team utilizes state of the art wound care treatment options, including bioactive collagen, enzymatic debriders, and skin substitutes. All of these advanced treatments can be performed in the comfort of the office, without the need of surgical care in the hospital.

Specialized Care Gets Result

Wounds can be slow to heal due to diabetes or poor healing conditions. Most wounds of the foot and ankle are very slow to heal due to the distance from the heart, poor circulation, obesity, and poor foot function. ​

Is it right for me?

If you have wounds, cuts, scraps or are concerned about developing sores, our expert medical team can help to heal your feet. Our commitment to comprehensive patient care and our success with regenerative medicine will help to heal your wounds. Our office utilizes clinically-proven, state-of-the-art regenerative therapies designed to heal stubborn wounds fast. 

Regenerative Cellular Wound Care 

We offer Organogenesis' Affinity skin substitutes, which delivers fresh, never frozen stem cells to a stalled wound.  

Affinity's fresh amniotic matrix contains anti-inflammatory cytokines and regenerative growth factors.


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Do You Have Foot Pain? 
Our Specialist Can Help.

Don't let foot pain keep you from living your best life. Our team is ready to help.​
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